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Free CBR Reader
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Very few people will claim not to love cartoons and other comic characters. The changing face of technology has now seen hard copy comical entertainment enjoyed on a digital platform. It’s a platform that comes with advantages such as durability. The free CBR reader is the best application that can help you join the crowd and enjoy comic characters and stories digitally. You might not be 100% interested in it but you can bet your life your children definitely will be interested in this creation. It creates a whole new angles for kids and adults alike to enjoy their favorite stories.

The application can be used on a computer, mobile phone or any device that has a display screen. It’s compatible with a number of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and iOS among others. System requirements for this software to function are moderate. It can therefore work on most systems with ease and without affecting the overall performance of the computer. The Comic book reader adds spice, fun and entertainment to the process. It can make even the most boring stories to be more tolerable as your go through each page that reveals the story behind the characters.    

Some of the features that will appease users include

  • Lens: This feature allows the user to zoom in on the text. It makes the text larger and more legible thus giving users an easy read. It’s also great for people with problems reading small letters.
  • Universal licensing and multi-compatible: the software is free so you don’t have to worry about paying annual renewal fees. There is also no need to download several type of the software for different devices since it’s compatible with a large number of operating systems, including those used on mobile phones.    
  • Bookmarking: this allows you to go back to the page you were last reading and continue from where you left. You won’t need to fold pages or put clips to help you remember. The feature is automatic so it’ll save the page on your behalf even if you forget to do it yourself.
  • Transition effect: there are a number of really cool and awesome page turning effects. No longer will you have to move to the next page using the normal and boring method that you are accustomed to. You can change the transition effect to something exciting and cool. You can set it to random, which should at least keep you guessing on the transition effect that will be used.