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The Free CBZ Reader is a simple and handy tool which is designed to offer a simple and easy method to view and read comic books. This free software application is designed to read comic books which are in CBZ format. The program offers various features to the users. It allows the users to navigate through the pages in a quick and easy manner. The Free CBZ Reader has a simple user interface which is easy to understand and use. It has a zoom adjuster that allows the users to zoom on to the comic characters to have a closer look. The Free CBZ Reader showcases various other features such as adding files or folders, filtering, sorting, removing and deleting files and so forth. The program allows the users to find comics within a few seconds. It supports multiple formats and various other file extensions such as zip, rar, xps and epub. The program also allows the users to zoom in for better view. It is also possible to magnify the screen for effective reading. This Free Reader supports a table of contents and multiple document support. Users can also navigate through the pages easily and quickly. The zoom adjuster feature of the Free CBZ Reader allows the users to view the characters of the comic closely. The program also allows the users to create comic books from scratch with the use of local images. This free software application is equipped with simple tools to design comic books from scratch. The Free CBZ Reader allows the users to enjoy all types of ebooks. This is perhaps one of the best book- reading software that allows users to read comic books with ease. Moreover, it supports quick and effective reading of comic books. It also supports multiple formats.