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With megapixels increasing and picture’s file sizes going up exponentially, one would expect that social media, picture sharing websites, and blogs, would update their servers to accommodate them. That is not the case however. The higher the resolution of a camera, the bigger the file, the higher the file size would be. However, most websites have specific limitations on file sizes and image resolutions. We could reduce picture resolutions on our cameras, but that would also reduce their quality. There is one major alternative to that though.

Free Picture Resize Starter is a free application that helps users resize pictures with the click of a button. This picture resizer’s user interface is very straightforward and easy to use, and is great to quickly resize multiple pictures as per your specifications. You can specify what you want to resize picture for, whether you want to email them, or burn them onto a disc, and it does the rest. You can’t modify the presets but you can easily setup custom settings for the picture resizer and let it convert all your pictures by itself.

It even has a built-in utility called Make It Fit that adjusts the parameters of your pictures to resize them to a specific file size. It also comes with a basic image editor that lets you play around with your images and you can create slide shows and icons with the included tools as well. The slideshows tool is specially useful because it lets you recreate the memories from those pictures for your friends or family to see. All in all, Free Picture Resize Starter is a pretty useful tool that lets you resize your images, and turn them into slideshows or make them fit in a single email so that you can share your vacation pictures with your family or friends without the hassles of having to resize all the pictures individually or sending out a dozen emails.