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Free Picture Viewer is a great image viewer desktop application brought to you by Free Picture Solutions. It is a perfect replacement for the Microsoft Windows built-in image viewer because of its great features and performance. Two modes are available: Explorer View and Singe Image View. By clicking “Explorer View” and selecting your path you navigate to that folder and all images are shown. Then if you like, you can switch to Single Image View for maximum picture size. Zoom function works great for zooming in and out to change the view. You can use this by either dragging slider or selecting a preset from dropdown menu. The Slideshow function is a great feature which makes this app unique. As you know Windows built-in picture viewer has this feature but there is a big difference here; Free Picture Viewer has some settings which allows you to have control over the slideshow i.e. duration of play and transition time and even type of transition. The application is as light as Microsoft Windows own picture viewer so you can set it to open all your pictures and watch them with more control over them. The main features of Free Picture Viewer are:

  • A great image viewer app and a good replacement for the Microsoft Windows built-in image viewer
  • All popular image formats supported
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Slide show with customizable settings
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows