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The Free PNG to ICO Converter allows users to create icon files from PNG images. This free converter software is easy to use and quick. It includes a set of options which can be adjusted even by beginners quite effortlessly. This software converter can also be used as a portable product. Users can easily run the file by saving the converter on the hard disk. The Free PNG to ICO converter can be saved on a USB disk and run on the computer without the need to install it. It converts GIFs, PNGs, BMPs and JPEGs into ICOs. The software tool creates image files required to replace the existing icons rather than install new icons in the windows. Users can design the icon image with any tool and then use this free software converter to convert images into ICO format quite easily. The software also supports drag and drop feature. It also features an automatic detection of similar file names and renames such files to avoid overwriting. The free ICO converter offers the option to open the folders of the converted file. The conversion process is quite simple. Click the “select file” button to choose the files which need to be converted and then click “convert” button to begin the process of conversion. Both the original and the converted files are saved in the same folder. Users can create new profiles with the use of the free ICO converter software by choosing the width, format and the height of the file. The icon can be designed in a square shape. The Free PNG to ICO converter offers solutions to convert multiple images at the same time. The software interface showcases a plain structure in a single window where the images can be added to the list.