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If you are looking for an image converter app which can convert your PNG images to the popular JPG format then you have to try Free PNG to JPG Converter from Free Picture Solutions. Actually it is a 2-in-1 app which in addition to format conversion it also resizes your images to any desired size.  JPG extension is a popular format which is used widely in any digital imaging device or application. All apps support JPG extension so it’s good to convert other image formats to JPG extension. Its main feature is its simplicity and speed of conversion. It means that no setting are required for using the app and everyone can handle it. The speed of conversion is also very high and it can convert a series of images in no time. There are many features that make this app a great choice. The quality of images can be increased or decreased based on your purpose. A good feature of the app is that you can change the size of the images to either a preset from dropdown menu or to any desired size which you like. You can rename the converted file’s name to a numeric name and even can set a prefix and postfix with a custom length and a start number for it. The app is really lightweight and small yet powerful and you have to try it. Some key features of Free PNG to JPG Converter are:

  • PNG to JPG format conversion
  • High speed conversion with low conversion time
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows