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Do you have Powerpoint files on your PC? All of us have many powerpoint files and it has been an unseparable part of every PC. Many users all over the world install Microsoft office for editing their Powerpoint files because it is a large and complete application for viewing and editing those files. Microsoft Powerpoint is a great application but when it comes to simplicity then you have to leave such apps alone and install some small apps instead. Free Powerpoint Viewer is one of these apps with a great performance. It is small tool for viewing Powerpoint files with the ppt file extension. Its user interface is extremely simple; you just load ppt file by clicking “Open PPT” button and the rest is done by the app. This app has no parameters to set so it is a great choice for those who want a small Powerpoint viwer application without having any large app installed. On the left side of the screen all slides will be shown. You can click on each slide and see it on the right side. You can see the slide in a custom size by moving the slider to the left and right or you can see them in full screen mode for maximum available size. You can see next or previous slide by clicking green arrow buttons at the bottom of the slides. Also you can go to a custom slide by increasing or decreasing the slide number. Main features of Free Powerpoint Viewer are:

  • View Powerpoint files with ppt file extension
  • Zoom function for viewing slides in a desired size
  • Jump to custom slides
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows